Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Postulate

after a long period of seeking answer
to define the whats and whys
a build up hypotheses of reason
that being said as these

"The reason i could barely function on these last years, it's because of a certain price i had to pay with. A bargain with the reaper of mind" 

the give:
chance to see more truth and lies
the behavior of time oscillation and it's relation on human entropy
studying the absolution of nature's laws
experiencing the meaningless and the pointless
and take:
memory ability to store events, faces, feelings
fear of ridiculous innate matter
ambition and idealism
affection sensory
and the ability to change people hearts (not sure if i ever had it before)

a rip off i would say,
there's no fairness in dealing with the reaper
as the haunting hunch of the flatline
it'll end before long

a thousands hours overdue