Wednesday, December 30, 2009

mind trap

not the dark, not the cold
it's the wall
i fear

composition of brick, sands, cement
finger alone could scratch
until the nails tear and the blood drip

i wouldn't knew how tall the tree outside
the gray of the clouds
the rainy days
the soil turned concrete

people build a city outside
they had cinema, restaurants, clubs
sights of people dreams come true with their money
endless laughs on night and grim on daylight

globalization after industrialism
but i wouldn't knew
so no need to care

lights out

a second of chill on skins
then i drown in dark
whispering with an imaginary friend to keep me sane
as them said otherwise

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

near dawn

when a whole second was an hour
late night hours i awaken
losing biological age for measly sanity
another way of suicide

i realize things that stands still
and things that depends on perception

i wont says much
let's we have it without lot of thoughts
it'll be far much easier
to enjoy the laugh
to be special